Why RBA? Personal Service — Proven Results

Scott T Baird

Owner involvement and commitment

RBA Management’s owner, Scott T. Baird, is personally involved in the planning, implementation and execution of every project that RBA is involved with in Metro New York. Mr. Baird is a seasoned professional with experience in managing hundreds of millions of dollars in construction. He will be in correspondence with you or on the site daily, helping you to quickly and successfully implement your master plan.

financial management

Expert financial management

At RBA Management, financial control and management of your capital fund is not an afterthought, or a task relegated to administrative personnel. It is a key function managed directly by Mr. Baird, who has extensive experience managing capital project funds for some of the largest contractors and property managers in the country. He has managed funds in excess of $100 Million a year, and will be personally responsible to ensure the accurate and complete financial management of your project.

controlling a construction project

Hands-on management

In order to effectively control the more contentious and difficult aspects of many projects, RBA Management will directly handle site cleaning, fencing, site access, signage, etc., if requested. By directly controlling these project fundamentals, RBA is able to set the project pace and eliminate delays that are often caused by bickering over who is responsible for such basic project needs.

partnering on construction project

Cooperation and partnering

RBA Management has assisted a number of owners, contractors and managers to implement innovative project procedures which encourage cooperation, collaboration and partnering. Most find that when overall energies are channeled into fixing problems, and not fixing blame, the results are improved profits, higher quality finished products, faster completion and greater value. RBA has been selected to teach partnering skills to the participants in multi-million dollar Department of Defense design-build projects. We have experience assisting contractors and owners resolve their differences fairly.

preventing construction problems


Instead of simply reacting to emergencies as they occur, RBA brings its experience to bear in predicting and preventing problems before they impact a project. We prepare regular progress schedules, conduct detailed and comprehensive coordination meetings to deal with thorny logistical issues, immediately notify contractors when staffing appears to be less than necessary to accomplish the work, and review and maintain submittal and issues logs with architects and designers to ensure that delays are not occurring. At RBA, we take aggressively manage your project so that issues are resolved quickly.

RBA offices in Nyack NY


RBA’s headquarters offices are in Nyack, NY, conveniently located to serve clients in Westchester, Rockland, New Jersey, Long Island, and the entire Metro New York area. RBA Management, LLC is a limited liability corporation organized under the laws of New York State. RBA carries full liability, comprehensive, and worker’s compensation insurance and can provide certificates upon request.